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Thursday, 24 May 2007


Brady Polansky


I do not understand why a small carrier would feel unwelcome at the forum. Being a regional carrier Westfield found enough value to send 5 people to the conference. We had two from the business side, two from IT and one from R&D. The education sessions were impressive. Each of the agent or regional carrier sessions I attended were jam packed with standing room only. We learned about new ways to extend our systems and make improvements in our existing systems. The trade fair was first class with just about every insurance vendor on-site to help answer questions about their products. Besides that, the networking opportunities were abundant. How can anyone leave Disney without a smile on their face? It is a small world after all, and most of the insurance world was at the ACORD/LOMA Forum. I guess it is what you make of it…

Mele Fuller

I'm surprised at the comment and would be very interested in the details. Let us know.

I think the efforts going on to draw regional carriers to Fort Lauderdale is very important. We need perhaps to make sure we focus on new or occasional participants to encourage participation in working groups even if they cannot always travel. We need to reinforce their value to the process.

I thought the conference went very well. There was a great crowd, good sessions with enough variety to interest everyone. We had a few conflicts with highly popular sessions - but scheduling is always a challenge.


We used to be a small, regional carrier attending the ACORD conference every year. At least 2-5 people attended. This year, as a super regional, two of us attended and we experienced another great conference. We are members of ACT and AUGIE and are involved. I realized during the conference that we need to be even more involved. Working on a team or committee will connect you to what's going on in the industry. You'll meet new people and challenges. There is no reason anyone should feel unwelcome at ACORD. You have to think "bigger" than you are. You might even make a difference if you get involved.

Chuck Bittner

I represent a small specialty insurer, and have attending several ACORD conferences. I feel that my casual participation in AUGIE throughout the year helps me get more out of the conference. The open discussion around workflow, integration, and standards is seldom technical, and I have always felt welcomed to participate. Certainly I would have more to contribute if focused on primary lines, but AUGIE seems to understand that there is a time and level of participation that works for each member. Even though my project resources are rather modest, what I have learned through AUGIE has helped me make better business decisions.

Ron Binning

I own a small agency and represent a small management vendor and I can't imagine anyone coming away from the ACORD/Loma conference negative about anything. The sessions I attended were well presented, timely, and packed with information. They started on time and ended on time and were standing room only. This individual must have been a "sideline sitter" with no interest in getting involved. I have alway thought negative people are born that way and they can't be changed. I thought the Panel in the "Reality of Real Time: A Regional Carrier Perspective" did an exceptional job in the time given them. Keep a similar format in Las Vegas.

Jim Viveralli

The ERIE is a regional carrier. Two of us attended the conference, this being my first time. I found the sessions very educational. All the ACORD folks working the conference were very friendly and patient with my questions. I found many of the vendors to be genuinely interested in helping me solve my problems. One even directed me to another vendor when they didn’t have what I was looking for. I guess you could call that a “Miracle on Epcot Street”. I had a great time at the conference. It will take me a few months to follow up with all the contacts I made.

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